“SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. is the leading Russian producer of preparations for specific prevention and diagnostics of infectious avian diseases. The enterprise have been working for a quarter of a century at the market of industrial poultry farming, successfully resolving issues of veterinary providing and epizootic wellbeing of more than a third of poultry farms of Russia, CIS countries and other foreign markets.

At present time SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. manufactures more than 60 kinds of inactivated and live vaccines against the majority of infectious avian diseases and supplies a wide range of diagnostic test kits. All products of AVIVAC series are registered and have cerificates of suitability.

The enterprise has contemporary production capacities and a research infrastructure. Production capacities of the SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. complies to the world standards and are certified for the GMP standard by european specialists.

We are proud of scientific researches in bacterial avian diseases prevention:

-inactivated vaccines against bacterial avian diseases: colibacillosis –“AVIVAC-COLIVAC”, salmonellosis –“AVIVAC-SALMOVAC”, pasteurellosis –“AVIVAC-PASTOVAC” and respiratory mycoplasmosis –“AVIVAC-RM”.

New developments also proved their worth and are in great demand:

— inactivated emulsion vaccines against: metapneumovirus infection –“AVIVAC-PNEUMO”, Newcastle disease for use for one-day old chicks  -“AVIVAC-ND-START”;

— live vaccines against: infectious bursal disease, strain “BG”, infectious bronchitis, strain “A/91”, Newc

Widespread use of these vaccines brought the benefit of improvement of the veterinary situation and economic performances of the poultry farms in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. produces and implements different ELISA test systems for the veterinary practice. The main components of the ELISA test kits have high sensitivity and specificity, are stable during storage, economically viable and hold key positions in diagnostic and scientific laboratories during carrying out the serologic monitoring of the avian infectious diseases. For the accounting, processing and analysis of the results of the ELISA researches there is made an effective and easy-to-use software “ELISA-AVIVAC”, compatible with the different models of spectrophotometers of the domestic and foreign production.

SPE “AVIVAC” has its own Diagnostic center  which is fitted with the modern equipment. Highly sensitive and specific test systems on the basis of the enzyme multiplied immunoassay, imnmunochromatographic assay, molecular-based bioassays are used in the work of the Diagnostic center. This permits to do the researches in the shortest time span with the high precision. Diagnostic center of SPE “AVIVAC” provides consulting assistance, helps to identify biological activity of the vaccines, to get on-the-job training in regard to diagnostic research methods with the use of test systems produced by the enterprise.

Research department has skilled personell including professors, doctors and masters of science with the great experience of the research and practice. Specialists of the SPE “AVIVAC” visit poultry farms on the regular basis where they monitor the epizootic situation: clinical examination of the livestock, posmortem examination of the dead bird, collection of the material for the laboratory examinations, feed allowance analysis and evaluation of housing conditions of birds depending on the technological trend of the poultry farm. According to the results of the integrated surveys of the farms and laboratory researches conducted by the Diagnostic center of the SPE “AVIVAC” all the necessary recommendations concerning the improvement of the epizootic situation and consequently economic effectiveness of the enetrprise are given.

On the basis of long-term experience of application of preparations of own production at the poultry-farming enterprises of various activity the unique approaches and methods on stabilization of an epizootic situation in critical cases in the conditions of different regions are acquired.

Specialists of the enterprise consistently take part in the development of the legal documents, programmes, recommendations. Together with FSI “VGNKI” they take part in the development of the national programme on prevention and control of the avian salmonellosis.

From the year 2011 “AVIVAC” started collaborative work with SSI “VIEV” on development of new trends in prevention and control of the infectious poutlry diseases.

SPE “AVIVAC” continually holds research and practice conferences where the modern actual aspects of fight against infectious diseases of birds on the basis of the last achievements of national and foreign science and practice are highlighted.

AVIVAC is a brand identity of quality, attesting the high level of qualification,demand and reliabiliry of the specialisits.

We are sure of efficiency of our offers and are ready to business partnership.

Our long-term research and production experience in the market of veterinary services for industrial poultry farming is a guarantee of your success!