“SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. is a leading Russian manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals for the specific prophylaxis and diagnosis of avian infections. The enterprise has been active on the poultry farming market for a quarter of a century, successfully offering solutions to veterinary-related issues and providing a disease-free status at more than one third of poultry farms in Russia, as well as at a number of farms located overseas.

Today SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. manufactures over 60 inactivated and live vaccines against the majority of avian infectious diseases and offers a wide range of diagnostic test kits. All AVIVAC products are licensed and hold a certificate of conformity.

The enterprise boasts state of the art manufacturing and research facilities that meet global standards and have successfully undergone EC-type GMP certification.

We are proud to have conducted scientific research into the prevention of bacterial avian infections, which eventually resulted in such products as our inactivated vaccines against colibacillosis  (“AVIVAC-COLIVAC”), salmonellosis (“AVIVAC-SALMOVAC”), pasteurellosis  (“AVIVAC-PASTOVAC”) and respiratory mycoplasmosis (“AVIVAC-RM”).

Our most recent products that proved to be of great value and in great demand include the inactivated emulsified vaccine against avian metapneumovirus infection “AVIVAC-PNEUMO”, inactivated emulsified vaccine against Newcastle disease suitable for one-day old chicks “AVIVAC-ND-START”, live vaccine against infectious bursal disease based on strain “BG”, live vaccine against avian infectious bronchitis based on strain “A/91” and live vaccine against Newcastle disease for administration via drinking water “AVIVAC-ND-BROILER”.

Widespread implementation of vaccination programmes relying on AVIVAC products resulted in a significant shift towards a disease-free status and in enhanced performance at a large number of poultry farms in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Apart from vaccines, SPE “AVIVAC” Ltd. manufactures and distributes a number of ELISA test systems for veterinary use.  Our ELISA kits are highly sensitive and specific, cost effective and highly stable during storage, which makes them an excellent choice both for research and diagnostic laboratories for the purpose of serological surveillance of avian infectious diseases. Recording, processing and interpretation of ELISA test results is facilitated by our efficient and user-friendly software “ELISA-AVIVAC”, compatible with a variety of spectrophotometer models manufactured both in Russia and overseas.

SPE “AVIVAC” runs its own Diagnostic centre fitted with cutting edge equipment. The Diagnostic centre relies on highly sensitive and specific ELISA test systems, immunochromatographic assays and molecular diagnostic methods, ensuring that highly reliable results can be obtained within the shortest possible time. The Diagnostic centre at SPE “AVIVAC” offers consulting services and assistance in evaluating vaccines’ immunogenic activity, as well as training programs on diagnostic research techniques as exemplified by diagnostic kits manufactured by AVIVAC.

AVIVAC’s research department is home to highly skilled employees, including professors, Doctors of Sciences and MSc graduates boasting extensive academic and hands-on experience. AVIVAC’s own experts visit poultry farms on a regular basis to monitor the epizootic situation, collecting material for laboratory testing and performing clinical examination of livestock, post-mortem examination of fallen birds, feed allowance analysis and evaluation of housing conditions. Following comprehensive analysis of the situation, experts at AVIVAC’s Diagnostic centre offer a personalised strategy for attaining a better status on infectious diseases and, by consequence, a higher economic efficiency.

AVIVAC boasts many years of experience using preparations of its own creation at meat- and egg-producing poultry farms, which enabled us to design unique strategies and methods aimed at stabilizing a detrimental epizootic situation applicable to a variety of geographic regions.

AVIVAC’s experts regularly take part in the development of statutory and regulatory documents, programmes and guidelines. AVIVAC and FSI “VGNKI” are currently making a joint contribution to the preparationof a national programme aimed at the prevention and control of avian salmonellosis. 2011 marked the beginning of our collaboration with the All-Russian Research Institute for Experimental Veterinary Medicine on identifying new trends in the prevention and control ofavian infectious diseases.

SPE “AVIVAC” hosts scientific conferences on a regular basis, offering insight into the pertinent aspects of avian infection control and the latest breakthroughs made by researchers active both in Russia and overseas.

AVIVAC offers outstanding quality and reliability brought to you by our highly qualified experts.

We have confidence in the effectiveness of our solutions and are open to business partnership.

Our extensive experience in the domain of veterinary services for industrial poultry farming is a guarantee of success!